Engl Z16 Sound wizard module

The Z-16 Sound Wizard Module also called Sound Wizard or SWM is the dream of every sound freak! It is an add-on tone-tweaking tool that lets you voice the amp with surgical precision and optionally available for the ENGL INVADER II. The corresponding slot is already provided on the back of the amp. When the module is activated, 96 rocker switches on 16 DIP switches that sit on the SWM’s control panel take control of certain sections of the amp’s circuitry. The rockers’ settings re-voice the guitar’s signal in the amp, thereby shaping your sound. This sound invasion is of course controllable via MIDI. Customize Your Tone!

  • For Engl E642/2 Invader II
  • Each Channel can be tuned individually
  • Providing 12 Additional Sound Options for all 16 Basic Sounds
  • Sound Tuning and Tweaking Module
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